Dr. Sullivan was a doctor who appeard in The Grudge 3 played by Shawnee Smith.

The Grudge 3Edit

When Jake was killed by Kayako Saeki, she then went to the apartment where he stayed and bumped into Lisa. When Sullivan went to tell Lisa about the Saeki murders, she showed a tape of Jake saying what he saw.

Sullivan then looks at some video tapes after researching about the Saeki's. However, she finds Toshio Saeki kneeling down. She goes to look and is attacked and chased by Kayako. Dr. Sullivan locks a door and then finds another Kayako walking to her. She then runs to another door and locks that door hopeing she can't get in. She is then locked as she can not get in the other room.

She bangs on the door as there is a Janitor cleaning the place. However, Kayako manages to get in and is about to kill Sullivan. Sullivan screams to open the door and her neck is snapped by Kayako.


  • Sullivan's first name is never revealed.
  • Sullivan had never heard of the Seaki's before the film.
  • Jake told Dr. Sullivan that he saw Kayako covered in blood. In The Grudge 2, Kayako is never seen in blood.

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